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Mel pouch smallMel pouch small
Mel pouch small Sale price€45,00
Blossom pouch largeBlossom pouch large
Blossom pouch large Sale price€54,00
Cream pouch smallCream pouch small
Cream pouch small Sale price€40,00
Orchid pouch largeOrchid pouch large
Orchid pouch large Sale price€54,00
Dark blue pouch smallDark blue pouch small
Dark blue pouch small Sale price€40,00
From Marie to you | Gift Card
From Marie to you | Gift Card Sale priceFrom €50,00
Pien crochet shopperPien crochet shopper
Pien crochet shopper Sale price€129,00
Pien pouch largePien pouch large
Pien pouch large Sale price€59,00
Clay pouch largeClay pouch large
Clay pouch large Sale price€54,00
Sold out
Pien pouch smallPien pouch small
Pien pouch small Sale price€45,00
Mayo pouch largeMayo pouch large
Mayo pouch large Sale price€59,00
Mikkie crochet square bagMikkie crochet square bag
Mikkie crochet square bag Sale price€59,00
Myra pouch largeMyra pouch large
Myra pouch large Sale price€59,00
Miep pouch largeMiep pouch large
Miep pouch large Sale price€59,00
Mustard pouch smallMustard pouch small
Mustard pouch small Sale price€40,00
minibag keychainsminibag keychains
minibag keychains Sale price€15,00
Mel pouch largeMel pouch large
Mel pouch large Sale price€59,00
Maud crochet shopperMaud crochet shopper
Maud crochet shopper Sale price€129,00
Mimi crochet shopperMimi crochet shopper
Mimi crochet shopper Sale price€129,00
Macy minibagMacy minibag
Macy minibag Sale price€37,00
Mia minibagMia minibag
Mia minibag Sale price€37,00
Max minibagMax minibag
Max minibag Sale price€37,00
Circle bag kobaltCircle bag kobalt
Circle bag kobalt Sale price€39,00
Circle bag fuchsiaCircle bag fuchsia
Circle bag fuchsia Sale price€39,00